Friday, March 3, 2017

Hate Has No Home in Woodstock Rally Organizers Issue Safety Guidelines

Rallying point and route of march for the Hate Has No Home in Woodstock event this Saturday.

With two events in and around Woodstock Square on Saturday with very different positions and outlooks there has been some concern about possible confrontations or that one group might be trying to interfere with the free speech rights of the other.  Organizers of the Hate Has No Home in Woodstock counter event to the Spirit of America Rally being held around the Gazebo in Woodstock Square Park have issued clear guidelines to their participants emphasizing that it is a peaceful, non-confrontational, and inclusive event.
The Hate Has No Home Rally will meet in front of the Old Court House on Johnson Street on the North Side of the Square at 11:30 which is in advance of the noon starting time of the event on the square.  Participants will then march in a counter clockwise direction peacefully around the outside of the square using the public sidewalks avoiding interaction or confrontation with those attending the Spirit of America Rally.

Diane Scholten and Candance Sinclair brought the Hate Has No Home Here message to the Women's March on Chicago in January.

Organizer Crystal Squires has posted the following guidelines on several social media pages supporting the Hate Has No Home Event and a shortened version will be printed on small handouts for attendees day of the event.
Marcher Information

Hate Has No Home in Woodstock
Woodstock Square, Woodstock, IL
March 4th, 2017 11:30 am-2:30 pm
Thank you for participating in our rally!  This is a peaceful rally in response to the Woodstock “Spirit of America” Tea Party rally, one of many around the country. Our objective is a non-confrontational and respectful witness event. We are not going to obstruct or silence the “Spirit of America” rally in any way.  People we are deeming “Cadres of Calm” will be posted around the square to help attendees and help ensure a peaceful rally. You will be able to identify them by the pink handkerchief tied to their arm.
1.      Safety is our #1 concern.  Do not bring weapons.  Do not bring/wear masks.
2.      No shouting or chanting.  We will be a visible presence only.
3.      Do not engage with any of the “Spirit of America” rally participants.  Avoid confrontation.
4.      Our messages will be positive. No anti-Trump or disrespectful signs.
5.      Stay out of the park.  We must stay to the outer sidewalks.
6.      The city of Woodstock requires us to walk around the sidewalk.  Do not block the sidewalk.  This is a legal issue, and we don’t want to be seen as a nuisance in a busy public square at midday on a Saturday.
7.      Take photos and video.  Photos are good for public relations later.  Video may be useful if there are problems that need video documentation.  Charge your phone to 100%.

The Hate Has No Home in Woodstock counter rally has been organized with the participation of Indivisible Illinois Congressional District 14, McHenry County Progressives, LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens), the Tree of Life Unitarian Universalist Congregation Social Justice Team, and others.

Meet the Organizer

Organizer Crystal Squires and daughter Ellie.

Crystal Squires, the primary organizer of the Hate Has No Home in Woodstock Rally, has been an active member of the community since she moved here from Montana 4 years ago. She has organized such events as the 2016 Annual Woodstock Easter Egg Hunt that takes place in Emrickson Park every year, Keep Woodstock Beautiful, Christmas in July Family Fun Fair/Toy Drive and others. She has given her time to cleaning up the sides of the roads in Woodstock, volunteering her time to local civic organizations and helping the homeless.

Crystal is also a Honorably Discharged Veteran of the United States Army and whose husband is currently serving in the Army Reserves. Crystal works in the local school district helping students with disabilities. Although she has always been actively engaged in the community in a civic way, she transitioned into a political activist one year ago when her daughter transitioned to being her true self. As the mother of a transgender daughter, Crystal has become an advocate for her daughter and began her journey within the political sphere.

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