Thursday, December 17, 2020

Uncle Carl (Came Out on Christmas) Aaron LaCombe—Murfin’s Carols for Corona and Winter Holiday Music Festival

                                                        Uncle Carl (Came Out on Christmas) by Aaron LaCombe

One of the best and most intriguing new Christmas songs this year is Uncle Carl (Came Out on Christmas which is actually not brand new. Austin based Americana Singer-Songwriter Aaron LaCombe released it a year ago on the digital album Pictures of Ourselves but because of its subject—Uncle Carl comes out to his Texas family at the Christmas dinner table—it got no traction and little air play.  Even the handsomely and professionally produced video, which was both  authentic and had the feel of a non-Lifetime family holiday movie got only about 5,000 YouTube clicks—pretty much friends, family, and a small fan base.

But this year it got “discovered” by some music writers and a wider LGBTQ community and has created some serious social media buzz.  As of today the YouTube clip has reached more than 73,000 and is picking up steam.

One of those spreading the word was Randy Slovacek on his blog The Randy Report.  He noted that LaCombe’s Twitter account bio said “I write the songs that make most people mildly uncomfortable.”

Later in the article LaCombe explained the song’s origins:

A couple of years ago I was invited to participate in a Christmas Songwriting Contest. I maybe take myself a little too seriously as a songwriter, so the idea of writing a Christmas song just seemed cliché to me and I wanted to sort of see if there was a way to make it catch people off guard.

I took cues from some experiences some close friends and family have had, and once I got started I found myself on a tightrope of making it a little bit funny, a little sad, and a little sweet.  It came in dead last at the contest, which is when I started to think I might really have something.

Austin bases singer/songwriter Aaron LaCombe.

Like Randy Slovacek, I am now a fan myself.  I am betting that many of you will also become one.

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