Sunday, September 3, 2017

Labor Day in Woodstock—Be on the Square or Be Square

Some of the organizers and participants in the first Labor Day Celebration on Woodstock Square in 2015--Drew Georgi, ?, Jim Walz, Missy Funk, Nancy Zettler, and Robert Rosenberg.  Photo by Steve Stukenberg.

I usually don’t flog events  more than once on this blog, but I will make an exception for the Labor Day Celebration on Woodstock Square tomorrow, Monday September 4 at 11 am.  Not only does it promise to be a great event honoring a rich labor heritage with significant ties to the city, but it represents one of those ongoing acts of Resistance that are so critical during this national crisis.
Today’s Northwest Herald, newspaper of record for McHenry County, Illinois carried  this explanation of the event.
The event… is inspired by Woodstock’s historic connection with Eugene V. Debs, who was held in jail in Woodstock after the 1893 Pullman Strike… When Debs was released from jail, 5,000 McHenry County workers carried him on their shoulders to the train depot, event organizer and McHenry County social justice activist Pat Murfin said.
“This year, though, we are looking more at the labor movement today than in the past, and the movement of resistance to Trumpism and all of the attacks on working people’s rights,” Murfin said.
He referenced President Donald Trump’s administration’s recent end to protection for women’s equal pay that was set in place during the Obama administration and the push for right-to-work legislation….
Close enough for hand grenades.  I am not an event organizer but merely the host who doubles as a volunteer flack for the hard working folks who did the heavy lifting—members of McHenry County progressives.  More importantly the Cheeto in Charge and his maladministration have committed, to quote agent named Thomas Jefferson, have committed a  “long train of abuses” which go far beyond  the one example the reported.

The folks I will be honored to introduce will have much to say about that.  Here is a rough list of expected participants.  As with any event of this nature, the order of speakers will be different and there may be those who for one reason or another cannot attend and there may be substitutions.

At the 2016 gathering the Old Man was a featured speaker.

Labor Day Celebration on the Square

Patrick Murfin      Former IWW leader, blogger, activist        Host
Keith Johnson  and Friends        Off Square Music 
Nancy Zettler        Democratic Candidate IL. Senate District 23
Carlos Acosta        AFSME 2833                  
Kristina  Zahorik        Vice Chair McHenry County Democrats
Bob Paddock          Operating Engineers Local 150
Terry Link Illinois State Senator 30 Dist., Dem. Majority Leader
Victor Swanson     Democratic Candidate U.S. House District 14
Brian Dupols          Northeastern Federation of Labor AFL/CIO
Tim Jackson     Labor Historian and Retired Airline Pilots Assn.
George Webber       Democratic Candidate U.S. House District 14
Wally Emerson             Automobile Mechanics Union Local  701
Jim Walz        Democratic Candidate U.S. House District 14
Jim May         Story Teller   
Open Mic

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