Sunday, May 20, 2012

Students Strut their Stuff—I’ll be the Geezer Telling You Who They Are

The 2nd Annual Poetry (+Prose) Slam and Awards Ceremony will be held on Tuesday,  May 22 from 7 to 9 PM at the College of Lake County Lake Shore Campus, 1 North Genesee Street, Room 008 in Waukegan.  

I have inexplicably been asked to emcee this event which will recognize aspiring writers from Lake County high schools.  I couldn’t be more honored.  The event will include lots of impressive, fresh work by students.  I’ll read something and try not to embarrass myself in superior company.  The event is a community outreach project of the Tenth Dems Community Connection.  Hope folks in the neighborhood will stop by and give a listen.

As an example of just how good these kids can be, this is the first prize winner for poetry in last year’s contest.

Love Those; Love With

Love those who are weak
Love those who don’t belong
When you love with intention
Your love is strong

Love those who act
By force or by choice
Love those who speak
By silence or by voice

Love with full feeling
And with a goal in mind
For empty love could leave one’s soul
Recklessly behind

Behind in the time
Behind in the day
Behind in the moment
They watched you walk away

So love the angels
Love the troublemakers
For “love is fragile
And we are not it’s best caretakers”

Love those who leave you
Love those who stay
Because one day they will all be gone
No matter how they may

Through physical suffering
Or pain in the mind
Those who fought great losses
Those who sought great finds

Come forward
Listen to me please
Love with passion
Love with ease

Listen closely and carefully
When you hear me say
Stand by them; forever stay
Never ever walk away

Crystal Hurtado

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