Monday, May 13, 2013

Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon Come to UU Congregation in McHenry

The Meisel Music Collective will present Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon on Sunday, May 19, at 5pm at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in McHenry (Tree of Life), 5603 Bull Valley Road

The Meisel Music Collective formed in 2011 when other jazz musicians were added to the already working trio of Ryan Meisel, James Galinski and Celia Faye. The group strives to tear down the walls of musical classification.  Each member is trained in jazz and the classical tradition, but are truly improvisers at heart. 

They all bring a special piece of the puzzle with their musical abilities, compositions and personalities.  The core of the group is comprised of Ryan Meisel’s arrangements and saxophone soloing.  Celia Faye tops off the group’s power with her gospel, blues and soulful compositions, colorful saxophone playing and singing. This band’s power resonates deep within listener’s souls.

A $10 Admission is requested.

For more information contact Tom Steffens at or call 815 404-7908.

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