Saturday, September 7, 2013

For McHenry County Political Junkies Only—Partisan Dickwad to Run for County Clerk

Provanano, left, was proud to promote Neo-con ghoul John Bolton at a Republican event.

The other day an article in our local daily, the Northwest Herald caught my attention.  Republican County Board Member Nick Provanzano announced that he was running for the office of County Clerk which will be vacated next year by the twenty year incumbent.  The Clerk’s office, among many other duties, oversees voter registrations and elections.   You can read the article about his announcement here .
Now I know something about Provanzano.  I once ran against him for local office.  I lost.  But I have lost elections to lots of people, not all of whom get up in the morning and pull on their special asshole panties.  I have watched him operate as a slash and burn politician in his own party and his casting himself firmly the in darker corners of the Republican Party. 
No man has ever been more unsuitable to be a fair arbiter of elections.
So I have dusted of my quill, dipped it in indigo, and dashed off another letter to the editor, which the Herald will get around to publishing sooner or later.
Here it is:

To the Editor:
I see that County Board member Nick Provanzano is the first, and so far only, candidate to succeed Kathy Schultz as McHenry County Clerk.  This should send up red flags to anyone concerned with clean government and honest elections.
Kathy Schultz was always a loyal member of the Republican Party, but she ran her office, which oversees voter registration and elections, with scrupulous honesty and even handed fairness which won plaudits from candidates, voters, and leaders of all political  parties.  It was a job she prepared for by coming up through the ranks and performed with non-partisan professionalism.
Provanzano, on the other hand, is as partisan as they come, and an ambitious politician with dreams of empire building.  Within his own party he is known for his sharp elbows and vindictiveness to perceived enemies.  Democrats he openly loathes.  He is a career politician whose day job is flacking for Republican Congressman Randy Hulgren.  A man that partisan and biased simply cannot be trusted to supervise honest elections.
Here is hoping that more reasonable Republican candidates emerge and that the Democrats field a capable and honest candidate to make sure voters have a choice.
Patrick Murfin,
Crystal Lake

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