Thursday, February 6, 2014

How Can You Keep Concealed Firearms Out Under New Illinois Law

The magic sign under Illinois Law to ban guns on your property.  Accept no substitutes.

Did you know that under the new Illinois Firearms Concealed Carry Act anyone can enter your place of business, house of worship, or even your own home packing heat unless you specifically prohibit it?  And that prohibition must be in the form of strictly regulated and approved signage at the entrance.  If you do not post at your home you may have the duty to verbally inform each visitor before entering that you prohibit guns.  That’s sounds like a hassle, so posting a sign may be easier.
But don’t worry.  Our friends at Clergy and Laity for Non-Violence, a group open to any clergy or lay members of congregations and religious groups McHenry County, is concerned that the public may not be fully aware of what public places such as schools and hospitals may prohibit fire arms under the new Concealed Carry Act which went into effect in January.
The group has issued the following statement for the public:
In light of the new ‘concealed carry’ law in Illinois, the McHenry County group known as Clergy and Laity for Non-Violence is encouraging all citizens to make themselves familiar with the “prohibited” places such as schools, hospitals, and other public spaces. Signage forbidding concealed carry weapons is mandatory, but compliance at this early stage of implementation is uneven.
Citizens should also be aware of their legal options to declare other spaces gun free.  Churches and other places of worship, for instance, are not places that the law prohibits.  But they can voluntarily become gun free – or prohibited – places.  We strongly encourage all churches and other places of worship to do so and also encourage businesses and other organizations to do the same. 
For more information, contact your local police department or go to .
Clergy and Laity for Non-Violence committed to the principle of non-violence whether it is in opposition to gun homicide, domestic violence, bullying in school, or any other form of violence.
Signing the public statement were The Rev. Lori M. Lowe, The Rev. Carrie Smith, Michael A. Rugh, The Rev. Dan Larsen, and Joy Martin.
By the way, the last time I shared some of this same information on Facebook, I found a perforated gun range target sheet on my front door the next day.  Apparently some gun lovers can’t stand being told that they can’t carry anywhere they damned please.

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