Thursday, August 11, 2022

Keep on Keeping on—Hitting the Streets for Abortion Rights

Chicago radical printers Salsedo Press adapted this French graphic by Eric Drooker from Éditions Libertalia for the first Women's March in January 2017.  It fits the current moment just as well.

Those who want to own and control womens bodies smugly thought they had completely triumphed when the Supreme Court, infected by nominees of a criminal President, tossed decades of “firmly established precedent” to drive a stake into the heart of Roe v Wade and abortion rights.  Red States fell all over themselves to put already enacted draconian limitations in place or to enact new, often bizarre means to coercion and punishment.

But they were wrong.  In a little more than a month, women and their allies have risen up and spoken out in record numbers in all corners of the United States.  They have already upset the reactionary apple cart and gone from protest to the offensive.  In the streets and in the corridors of power they—we—have become an irresistible force.  And now the assumptions of conventional wisdom that Democrats would lose the Federal House of Representative, their tenuous hold on the Senate, state legislative seats, and local government bodies in a non-presidential year are out the window.  A one-two punch of militant direct action, and motivated voter turnout in November protect women’s rights and bodies.

Wherever you live, there are actions planned.  Voter turnout drives and new Vote-Blue-as-if Your-Life-Depended-On-It campaigns for Pro-Choice candidates are ramping up. Join them!  

Here in McHenry County Illinois, we will be back for another event, We Won’t Go Back: Rally for Reproductive Rights, this Saturday, August 13 from 11 am to 1 pm at the southeast corner of Randall and Algonquin Roads, right by the Jewel at 103 S. Randall Road in Algonquin.

MCCC President Mary Ewart, center, at their booth at the McHenry County Fair last week.  The Old Man pulled a shift there on Friday night.

My long-time friend and fellow co-conspirator for justice, Mary Ewart, President of McHenry County Citizens for Choice (MCCC) writes:

It’s time to turn our anger into action, so I’m looking forward to seeing you on Saturday at this vitally important event.  Come for the protest, stay for lunch and scrumptious baked goods at the UpRising Cafe that's been so much in the news lately.  Show your support and take a stand against the haters.

Our rally is co-sponsored by McHenry County NOW, MCCC, and Standing Up Against Racism Woodstock.    Please RSVP on the event’s Facebook page.  

This will be third pop-up protest in McHenry County since the horrendous Supreme Court decision came down shredding the right to abortion in the U.S., and it will be the biggest yet!  We’ll have signs or bring your own.  Your participation is urgently needed and will make all the difference.  Please put the event on your calendar, plan to attend, and bring all your friends.  And don’t forget to make sure you’re registered to vote:  early voting in the November election begins soon!

Abortion is medical care, and the only people who should be making the decision to carry or terminate a pregnancy are the pregnant person, her doctors, and those of her loved ones she chooses to involve.  It’s no one else’s business.

For more information, you can reach us at  or 815 596-0892.  See you on Saturday!


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