Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Considerations from the Dictionary—Murfin Found Verse

Remember this quaint, obsolete device?

Considerations from the Dictionary
July 13, 2016

Black—The complete absorption of light
                        gathers and retains all energy,
              The opposite of white
                        which reflects all light,
                        shining but creating no energy,
              A human with dark skin
                        any shade, actually, darker than pink

Lives—Living organisms rather than inanimate objects
                        or dead organisms,
             Beings manifested by metabolism, growth,
reproduction, and response to stimuli.

Matter—(Noun)  Physical substance which occupies space
                        and possesses mass,
               An affair or situation
                        under discussion.
              (Verb)  be off importance and have significance.

Get it now?

—Patrick Murfin

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