Friday, July 21, 2017

Women’s March Six Months Later—La Lucha Continua in Woodstock

Exactly six months ago today millions of women—and more than a few supportive men this geezer includedmarched on Washington and in cities, towns, and villages across the United States and around the world.   It was the day after the inauguration of the Cheeto-in-Charge and a bleak moment in American history.  But those marches kicked off an enormous Resistance Movement that has not yet flagged or peaked.  It was followed closely by almost equally mammoth marches in support of immigrants and refugees, the LBGT community, science, and affordable health care.  In addition, countless local actions on dozens of issues have kept the pressure on the fascist ambitions of an illegitimate President and a lunatic right wing Congress.
It has been a rough road.  But thanks to swelling popular pressure and resistance, as well as an endangered firewall for Constitutional protections by the courts, many of the worst depredations of the rampaging Right have been turned aside.  Just this week united and powerful opposition to Trump Care and the sweeping Republican assault on health care for Millions of Americans seems to have been stopped in its tracks.
But more needs to be done. Much more.  Our rights and even our Constitutional democracy remain under relentless siege. The Resistance has accomplished much, but we have not yet won.

The Women's March on Washington on January 21 and its many sister marches represented the largest and broadest mobilization of progressive forces in American history.  The work continues.
In that spirit many of those January march veterans from actions in Washington, Chicago, Rockford, and around the country are rallying tomorrow on Woodstock Square to make clear that our voices will be heard.
The participants of the Women’s March on Washington will be hosting a rally on July 22, 2017 beginning at 2:30 p.m. at the Gazebo in the Historic Woodstock Square followed by a short march to The Dick Tracy Way Park (Children’s Peace Park) on Lake Avenue in Woodstock, Illinois.  At the conclusion of this family friendly event there will be an Ice Cream Social.
Here is what the organizers have to say about this important event:
We marched in DC to be heard...We marched in Chicago, Rockford, and Elgin to be heard...In May we marched in Springfield to be heard...And now we march as one voice in McHenry County.
Speakers are planned, and there will be opportunities to commit to further specific actions.  Bring your signs, your energy, and your point of view. 
The rally will focus a local perspective on key women’s issues and energize marchers, especially women, to become more engaged in the election process. Only by ensuring that qualified, committed women are on the ballot and win elective office can we be sure that the voices of women will be heard and acted upon.
Organizers and endorsers include but are not limited to McHenry County Progressives, Indivisible, the McHenry County Democratic Party, and the Tree of Life Unitarian Universalist Congregation Social Justice Team.  

The Tree of Life Social Justice contingent at the Chicago Women's March.
Just as in the marches six months ago this event should bridge sometimes contentious divisions, build solidarity, and meaningful Resistance.  Progressives, social democrats, Pants Suit Nation Hillary fans; Democrats, independents, and even disgusted Republicans. old school and millennial feminists; Gays, straights, and Transgendered; immigrants and those who love them; the oppressed and excluded of all races and ethnicities; workers and the unemployed; the children, elderly, sick, and all of those who deserve first class health care; defenders of the earth and champions of science; women, men—You!
More unites us than divides us.  And there is much to do in a nation at crisis.
For information contact event organizer Cathy Johnson at  or call 815-568-7692.

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