Saturday, August 12, 2017

Fabulous Floyd Feted Today and Murfin Verse

Floyd in Fedora.

Floyd Packer Murfin-Bean a/k/a Fabulous Floyd had his first birthday back on August 4, but his legions of fans will gather today to pay homage to his magnificence at the rambling, comfortable, and charming Kedzie Blvd. apartment he shares with the estimable Emmy Bean and the Last Bohemian, Ira S. Murfin.  

It promises to be the social event of the summer.   Kathy will be driving into the city after a morning of work, and I will sojourn via Metra, the CTA Blue Line, and shank’s mare.  

As doting uncle and entirely self-appointed Murfin Family Poet Laureate, I have composed immortal verse for the occasion.

With luck Floyd will not be scarred for life.

Old Poet meets Floyd.

Fabulous Floyd’s First
For Floyd Packer Murfin-Bean

Fabulous Floyd flips
            the first year
            faces forward
Fine fellow
            finds future
Favors fervor

—Uncle Patrick

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