Saturday, April 27, 2013

National Poetry Month— Keith Danley "Screaming Neighborhood"

Heretic, Rebel, a Thing to Flout has been pleased as punch to mix in more new and fresh poetic voices into the mix this year for the annual celebration of National Poetry Month.  Today we break new ground with the youngest contributor ever and the first ever video presentation.  Who sez we ain’t hip?
Keith Danley is a 13 year old poet from Los Angeles, California where he attends the eighth grade.  He was a participant in The Poet Warrior Project of poet/educator Emily Southerton,
You should listen to Keith and to other young voices.  They have some powerful things to tell us. 
Screaming Neighborhood
Screaming neighborhood.

I look left and I look right.
I see something that I don't like.

I look left and I look right.
Guys yelling neighborhood, like it’s right.

They think it’s a game,
they think it will bring them fame.

Screaming neighborhood.

It’s a shame when I go to the park,
I cannot wear red.

I can’t sugarcoat.
I’m a little scared when I go to bed.

If I yell out neighborhood, I will yell out in Gardena.
Not a blood.

Screaming neighborhood.

—Keith Danley

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