Monday, June 10, 2019

A Very Good Day at Woodstock Pride Fest

Balloon arches decked the four entrances to Woodstock Square.  Sue Sieber photo. 
Note—I was busy and pretty much anchored to the Tree of Life UU Congregation booth yesterday at the first ever Woodstock Pride Fest, so this photo post includes many shots by friends ganked from Facebook.  I hope no one minds.  Photos are credited.
Thousands of happy people descended yesterday on the Square to celebrate Woodstock Pride Fest.  It was a glorious afternoon that scared away the storms that TV weather folk predicted for the afternoon.  Thousands came and went over the five hour event.  They crowded the streets to participate in or cheer on the predictable colorful parade.  They thronged the Square cross walks where vendors, non-profits, advocacy groups, and churches including the Tree of Life Congregation from McHenry did brisk business from their booths.  Folks cheered speakers including Congresswoman Lauren Underwood of the 14th District, bopped to bands and DJs, and whooped it up with Drag Queens.
The crowd was remarkably diverse—lots of families with children and pets, proudly out teens including transgender youth, long-time couples, and older folks who could remember when McHenry County was shutdown, closeted, and fearful.  There were also good numbers of Latino and Black participants.  All mingled happily with straight allies, friends, and family as well as with the simply curious.
But see for yourselves in our photo round up.
                            Drag Queen float rolls by the Old Court House in the parade.  Billy Denk photo.

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood walks the parade to cheers all around. Wendel Broussard photo.

                     Rainbow float.  Cindy Schwartz Pilz photo.

The National Organization for Women (NOW) contingent with Mary Ewart second from left.  Ed Gogle photo.

                             Parade marchers and crowd.  Sam Jones photo.

Wendel and Blossom Broussard carried the Tree of Life banner in the parade.  Wendel Broussard photo.

                             The Old Man at the Tree of Life booth.

The TOL booth with Social Justice Team co-chair Sue Reckenthaler and Andy Myers.

                             The Democratic Party of McHenry County booth.  

              Rev. Emily Davis and Kelli Wegener the First Congregational Church of Crystal Lake. Beth Vonau photo.

From the Gazebo--Woodstock City Councilperson Darrin Flynn.  Beth Vonau photo.

                             Fun on the Square. Beth Vonau photo.

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