Monday, June 17, 2019

Urgent Rally to Save McHenry Township Bus Service

Senior citizens and the disabled rely on McHenry Township bus service which is unduplicated by PACE.

Alarmed McHenry Township residents are planning a rally to protest plans to cut bus service at a special meeting of the Township Trustees on Tuesday, June 18 from 4:30 to 5:45 pm.  Citizens will gather at the northwest corner of Route 31 and Johnsburg Road near the Township Hall at 3703 North Richmond Road in Johnsburg.  They will then attend a special meeting to consider eliminating the service scheduled for 7 pm after a continued budget and appropriations meeting.
Protest organizer Terry Kappel
“Many of McHenry Township’s seniors, disabled, and poor to get to and from doctor's appointments, shopping centers, jobs and to perform other vital tasks needed to live a full and valuable life,” according to Terry Kappel, a well-known local activist.
Township Assessor Mary Mahady alerted residents after Trustee and anti-township crusader Bob Anderson demanded a special meeting to rush a vote on the elimination at last week’s budget hearings.  The maneuver has left residents with scant opportunity to let their opposition be known.
“If this special meeting is like the one that was held to put a referendum on the ballot to eliminate the road district, they will not discuss their opinions and they will not answer any questions. They will then just quickly take a vote and disregard any concerns expressed at the meeting,” According to Mahady.
McHenry Township Assessor Mary Mahady alerted residents to the plan to push bus service cuts through.
Township Supervisor Craig Adams suggested putting the issue of cutting service to a referendum but Anderson and his allies have a majority on the Board and can push through an immediate decision.
The cost to taxpayers for the service is about $10 for the average homeowner.  The concerned citizens want the issue to be put to the voters and not left to the “whim of three men.”
For more information contact Terry Kappel at 815 669-7983, e-mail him at or visit the Facebook Event .

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