Monday, April 13, 2020

I’ve Got The World on a String—Murfin Home Confinement Music Festival 2020

I've Got the World on a String sung by Ella Fitzgerald.

Ok, it’s about time for another one of those chipper, jazzy real oldies to brighten up our confinement.  I’ve Got The World on a String was written by Tin Pan Alley stalwart Harold Arlen with lyrics written by Ted Koehler for a 1933 edition of Cotton Club review.  The song also reflected the yoyo fad sweeping the country

The Cotton Club in Harlem..  Tap dancer Bill Robinson and bandleader Cab Calloway shared star billing.  The Up Town swell only had to plunk down a $1.50 for dinner but Prohibition drinks in a teacup set them back more.
The Cotton Club in Harlem catered to uptown swells, Broadway habituates and society page denizens who didn’t my slumming in top hats and tails and slinky evening gowns and furs to hear the snappiest real Black jazz.  The showcase which thrived as a more-or-less wide open speakeasy continued to thrive through the Depression years.  Many of the biggest and brightest Black stars first came to the attention of White audiences on that stage.

The song was recorded and popularized by Cab Calloway who had a #18 hit in 1932.  As was often the case, White artists were quick to cover the song. The ubiquitous Bing Crosby recorded it in early 1933 with the Dorsey Brothers and their Orchestra.[3] It was also one of the first recorded by Frank Sinatra after he signed with Capitol Records in 1953. His record arranged and conducted by Nelson Riddle reached #14 on Billboard’s most played list.
Among the many artists who recorded it were Louis Armstrong in 1933, Perry Como in 1955, Louis Pima in 1957, Jo Stafford in 1960, Peggy Lee in 1962,  Sarah Vaughan in 1978, Barry Manilow in 1998,  Céline Dion in 2004, Tony Bennett with Diana Krall in 2006,  Michael Bublé in 2007, and Rod Stewart in 2010.  That’s an impressive who’s who of jazz and pop performers.

The first of two albums on which Ella Fitzgerald recorded I've Got the World on a String.
But today we are basking in the glow of Ella Fitzgerald, the First Lady of song  who included I’ve Got The World on a String on two albumsElla in Hollywood  in 1960 and Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Harold Arlen Songbook in 1961.
Hit it, Ella!

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