Saturday, April 18, 2020

Republicans Remember—Murfin Verse—National Poetry Month 2020

Abe Lincoln at his desk engraved by John Sartain from a photograph by Ferdinand Thomas Lee Boyle.

Without explanation or commentary.  The Old Man commits poetry.

Republicans Remember
Headline:  Trump’s ‘LIBERATE MICHIGAN!’ Tweets Incite Insurrection
April 17, 2020

Ah yes, they remember it well—
            That time ol’ Abe sitting idly in the White House,
            his feet up on the desk petting a cat
            as Willy and Tad cavorted on the carpet
            with their goat
            scrawled a message and handed it
            to young John Hay
            to hustle over to the telegraph office
            at the War Department.

General Beauregard
Charleston, South Carolina
April 11, 1861

            I share your outrage that the tyrannical Federal Government
            appears determined to squash your liberties stop
            Arms and reinforcements from New York for Ft. Sumter
            aboard the Star of the West were a knife
            at your noble throats stop
            Eighty-five jack booted thugs
            refuse to hand over the fortress stop
            Defend your Second Amendment Rights!
            Death to the Tyrants!
            To Arms! To Arms! stop

A.    A. Lincoln
The President’s House
District of Columbia

Yep, that’s just what happened.
            Ask any patriot.

—Patrick Murfin

The Bombardmment of Ft. Sumner  by Courier and Ives.

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