Friday, July 27, 2012

Celebrate Medicare’s 47th Birthday by Telling Joe Walsh to Keep His Paws Off of It

My friend Carolyn Quinn is hoping to organize a birthday party for Medicare at Congressman Joe Walsh's Woodstock office, on the Square at 124 Cass Street next to Chase Bank on Monday July 30 from 1 to 3 PM.
In case you haven't noticed, Tea Party poster boy Walsh is no fan of "gubment" healthcare—like Medicare. Help Carolyn remind him that the rest of us are might glad that we have it, or will get it when we need it.
The protest is being organized by the Seniors Against Walsh group sponsored by Take Down Walsh by CREDO SuperPac.
Carolyn says that “I will be making a facsimile Medicare Card for everybody who RSVP's. Please sign our Happy Birthday to Medicare card if you come and ask for the online version if you can't.”
You can sign up via the McHenry County Democratic Party web page at, e-mail her at or phone 815 276-9056.

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  1. I'm afraid ObamaCare's Independent Payment Advisory Board coupled with things like the penalties for Hospital Readmissions will take care of gutting Medicare. The best thing we can do for Medicare is do it over in a way that's finacially stable.

    Back in the 70s, I went through Medicare Principles of Reimbursement training to launch my career as a Medicare Auditor for the Feds. The instructer told us many people thought Medicare enacted for Seniors but it wsa really should be called the Accountants Retirement Act (Blue Cross was recuiting Chartered Accountands in Scotland and India because there were such shortages).

    Anyways, that's eactly what it's become and it's time for a change.