Friday, September 18, 2020

Sit-In For Healing & Hope in Woodstock to Bring Personal Connection to Social Justice

The Coronavirus has not slowed social justice activism in McHenry County.  On the contrary from late spring though the summer mostly youth led marches, rallies, and programs have been held all over the county in support of Black Lives Matter, responsible policing, confronting white privilege, challenging hate, and in support of immigration justice and ending the use of McHenry County Jail as a Federal Immigration Detention facility.  The actions have been creative, uniformly non-violent, and heedful of the need for masks and social distancing for the protection of participants and public alike.

And now the folks from Standing Up Against Racism—Woodstock are planning a fresh event that is different from anything else yet.  The Sit-In For Healing & Hope will be held on Woodstock Square this Saturday, September 19 from 3-5 pm.

Organizers Eve Baker, Courtney Milligan, Adriana Carbajal, and  Amanda Hall describes the event:

Healing begins as we embrace each other and celebrate the beauty in our differences and our equality. Unite with us in our efforts to make an impact in our community and bring forth necessary change. Come hear about our different initiatives, personal stories about individuality, enjoy local musicians and get more involved. This is a family friendly event. Please wear masks and social distance.

Musical duo Just Ted and Amy.

The afternoon will feature music by Just Ted & Amy! “just a girl singing songs you love with a sweet soulful twist and a guy lucky enough to be able to assist her” and Rotten Mouth, “a four-piece dirty/grove rock band that guarantees to bring all of their jamtastic energy to every song they write.”

Speakers will reflect from personal experience on Black Lives Matter, police violence, immigration justice and ending the ICE contract with McHenry County Jail as well as other issues.  Featured speakers will include Eva Baker, Venerable Bhante Sujatha of Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple, Amanda Hall, Dean Meyers, Tomas Soto-Garcia, Rob Mutert, Tony and David Bradburn, Sam Cortina, Lisa Arvanites, Sandy Davil, Shyann Kivley, and Fredy Brooklyn.  Your scribe, Patrick Murfin will also speak on behalf of the Compassion For Campers program for the homeless and unhoused.

The afternoon will also feature literature tables, opportunities to connect and become involved with local action groups, and vendor tables that reflect the inclusive values of the event.  

For instance Families Belong Together, a
coalition of social justice groups across the country working to end the separation of children and families that are in the custody of ICE. They will be asking folks to sign their pledge, send a quick text, and help create a symbolic display at the event requesting is that participants bring stuffed animals and small kids toys and place them around a Families Belong Together sign. After the event the display will be moved to the front of the McHenry County ICE Detention Center so that they know we are watching...

Standing Up Against Racism—Woodstock is an organization that believes:  

…in being allies in the Black Lives Matter movement, and demands equality for all Black, Indigenous, and People of Color committed to provide a safe place to educate ourselves, and find effective ways to spread knowledge to the community. We believe in taking ideas into action with the commitment of dismantling systemic racism in Woodstock. We seek to amplify BI-POC voices, and work to uplift our community to feel safe and welcoming to all.

The group sponsored the Light Up the Night Bike Ride Against Racism last Sunday in Woodstock.

Also co-sponsoring the event is Warp Corps whose mission is: 

Suicide and substance use disorder prevention through engagement. Through the engagement of each individual’s organic passions, we believe we can create better opportunities for future generations.  Focusing specifically on adventure sports, music and art, our vision is to create a facility that engages people in these positive outlets.


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