Thursday, May 12, 2022

Blog on Temporary Hiatus

Due to serious technical issues Heretic, Rebel a Thing to Flout will be on temporary hiatus for—I hope—a short time.  I was locked out of Facebook, the primary means I have for promoting the blog and connecting with readers through post links on my Timeline and in several interest groups.  Not only am I locked out, but Facebook security has completely removed my account including removing every post I have made in the last 16 years, my nearly 1,500 friends list, access to pages and groups to which I administer, and hundreds of photos.

In case I cannot get my original account restored, I have created a new account.  Please accept new friend requests from me and send me a friend request if you don’t get one.  Also if you are a member of any of the groups I regularly post to, please link to this blog. try and add me as a member if you are able

New Facebook security measures are a nightmare.  I spent all day yesterday trying every FB suggestion to re-authorize my account multiple times and the Lords of the Metaverse offer no way to speak to a human for help.  I am not the only person who has been affected by this—I know of others, especially the marginally tech savvy and elderly who have also fallen victim.  


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