Sunday, July 25, 2021

Time Machine—Murfin Verse for Matilda

                                Matilda and Mom Maureen Murfin.

Time Machine

For Matilda Motoko Holmes

July 25, 2021


If Millie had a time machine

            she might go all the way back

            to yesterday when she swam

            with her mother

            and danced in the living room

            eyes shining and squealing.


More likely she would just go back

            to cuddling with her mom

            and bottle a few minutes ago

            as dawn crept in the window.


She would not leap forward

            to check out her first kiss

            high school graduation

            or any other life landmark.


And certainly not to see if

            civilization survives. 

What need for a time machine for her

            when it’s always now? 


—Patrick Murfin

                Matilda dancing.

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