Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Lucky Lady Wins Trip to the Auld Sod—Old Man Will Tag Along

The colorful fishing port of Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland has lots of pubs to lure lovers of Irish music.

My wife Kathy, the luckiest human on Earth, won a trip to Ireland at a drawing last week during Irish Books, Arts & Music (IBAM) festival at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago!

Previously she has won $30,000 on a lottery scratch off a few years ago, a big flat screen TV, a quality original oil painting, innumerable raffles and 50-50 drawings.  And she stays ahead playing scratch offs spending no more than 20 or 30 a week.  I win jack shit

Our sea-side "cottage" is much larger and more modern that the Murfin Estate stateside.

This time the prize was a week at a “cottage” on the sea just outside of Dingle—a beautiful and wild place.  The cottage is actually much larger and more modern than our house and is just a mile out of town.  Neither of us have traveled internationally

I rushed to apply for my first passport—it will arrive in February.  The lady who owns the cottage is booked over the summer, but we can travel next spring or fall

Needless to say, we are excited!

The wild coast of the Dingle peninsula is famous for its rugged beauty.

The cozy port of Dingle on the peninsula of the same name in County Kerry is in the West of Erin Gaeltacht where the Irish language was preserved.  The area is rich in history and includes historic ruins and stone beehive dwellingsDavid Lynch’s 1970 romantic epic Ryan’s Daughter starring Robert Mitchum, Sara Miles, John Mills, Christopher Jones, Trevor Howard, and Leo McKern was filmed around Dingle which gives a good idea of the wild scenery

                    Dingle on a map of Ireland.

Our cottage is also within day-trip distance of Cork, Limerick, and Galway so there is much to see.

The village of Dingle is famous for its pubs and is a noted center of Irish music which should keep our evenings occupied.

But we are also challenged.  The trip does not include taxes on the prize, airfare, ground transportation, food and dining, and other expenses which will total thousands of Dollars more.  We are scrambling to save, reallocate funds, and will have to use some of a line of credit second mortgage but we could still fall far short.

Several dear friends suggested asking for donations and said they would be willing to help.  I have been ambivalent about doing a GoFundMe for our personal pleasure and benefit when there is so much real need in the world.  But our wonderful Daughter #3 Maureen Murfin took maters in her own hands and set one up anyway.  Great girl that.  Anyway, here it is.  Chip in or not.  No pressure.

Send Patrick and Kathy Murfin to Ireland

“My amazing parents, Kathy Brady-Murfin and Patrick Murfin, won a week-long stay in beautiful Dingle, Ireland! Unfortunately, being a working class couple who spent their lives prioritizing being of service to others over profit, it will be virtually impossible to cover the other travel expenses of going (airfare, car rental, food, etc.) They’ve both given so much of themselves as activists and volunteers over the years that it would be really beautiful if they got this karmic reward. So, I am asking all you lovely people to help send them on this once in a lifetime trip! Thanks so much for your support!”

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